PolTREG’s main goal is the implementation of TREG method on the Polish as well as international market. Due to special character of the biotechnology sector (especially red biotechnology, cell therapies) the so called “time-to-market” is much more time-consuming and capital-intensive in comparison to other sectors – requirement for clinical trials, registration processes for safety and well-being of patients. PolTREG LLC. is continuously and actively searching for capital necessary for registration of innovative therapy with the status of ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product). Currently, patented method for growth of regulatory T lymphocytes is used in therapy carried out in “Hospital Exemption” by the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk.

During the first quarter of its activity, the company acquired two grants from the National Centre for Research and Development to increase the efficiency of cell growth and to develop a strategy for US market entry in cooperation with an acceleration programme based in Silicon Valley. In the first half of the year, company acquired backing of Business Angels, who believe in the technological and business potential. PolTREG has also completed investment process with one of Polish Seed/VC funds. Business relations were established with domestic and foreign private companies and public bodies active in the area of implementation and registration of innovative medical technologies.

Commercialization model adopted by PolTREG assumes, in addition to finalizing registration process, a system of sublicenses granted to interested entities in foreign markets, which permit “hospital exemption rule”.

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